Welcome to the Official website of the Brothers who touched America’s heart by their love for each other and their love for LEGO building.

Corey and Travis are brothers from the state of New Jersey. Their love for each other has taken them through many adventures. Join them in discovering where their adventures has led them and where it will lead them!

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Join Travis Samuels as he begins his campaign to become a Nominee for Man of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Who are the Brothers Who Brick?

Corey and Travis dressed for Christmas Service, Shades of their future!
Travis and Corey team “Brothers Who Brick” on LEGO Masters, Season 1.
Team Lego featuring Corey Samuels and Travis Samuels, as seen on Buddy vs Christmas, Season 1.

Corey & Travis started their journey back in the 90s. Corey recalls asking his mother for a Birthday gift, specifically “a little brother”. Corey got his gift 2 months later in the form of Travis. Since then the two have been inseparable.

Corey has always been the older and protective brother while Travis, the “baby of the family” loves to try new things and push the envelope. Corey and Travis were raised in Irvington, NJ where both were attracted to Art at a young age. Their creativity and artistic expression was sparked in grade school while enrolled in the National Art Magnet program.

Years pass, Corey and Travis rediscovered their love for LEGO with an opportunity to be on Fox’s Hit New TV Show, LEGO MASTERS as the brother team of “Brothers Who Brick”. Since the show, Corey and Travis has focused their attention on education both in virtual LEGO classes and Early Childhood development. This Christmas, Corey and Travis received an opportunity to join Buddy Valastro “Cake Boss” in competing on the Food Network’s premiere show, Buddy VS Christmas.

Corey and Travis’ adventures are just getting started. They look to change the world and give back to the community that has made them so popular.

-Brothers Who Brick

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